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Compassionate Mind Training

The official 12 week program based on the

Compassion Focused Therapy Manual

The Compassionate Mind Training wishes to be a transformative path through the practices of Compassion Focused Therapy which enable us to strengthen our soothing system and find our own personal balance, moment by moment.

​This training will help you develop the capacity to use your body to support your mind and develop the courage and wisdom needed to face difficulties.

We will connect with our compassionate motivation to cultivate a benevolent and curious intention towards our experience in this life.

More and more studies are demonstrating that compassion can be learned and rediscovered, becoming a valuable resource in reducing distress and promoting wellbeing.

The 12 week training is inspired by the Compassion Focused Therapy Manual which will shortly be published (authors Paul Gilbert, Nicola Petrocchi, James Kirby), a work which includes the most recent research on the effects of Compassion Focused Therapy.


12 consecutive Tuesdays from 6 - 8pm (CEST)

from 15/03/2022

to 31/05/2022


Online, Zoom Meeting

This training is for all those who wish to be guided in developing their compassionate self, so it may be helpful in moments of difficulty and suffering which are part of all human being’s existence.

Through a mix of theory and many experiential practices (meditations, imagery, yoga), as well as moments of group sharing, participants will have the opportunity of planting and nourishing a compassionate intention, and learning to use it to work with the self-critic and with difficult emotions (anxiety, anger, shame, guilt).


The Compassionate Mind Training is truly a path which accompanies us in discovering our common humanity and teaches us to welcome all the contradictory aspects of the self.


The training is open to everyone, and does not require previous experiences with therapy and/or meditation. ​



Its does not, in any way, intend to substitute a psychological consultation or psychotherapy.

At the beginning and end of the training participants wills be required to fill out questionnaires to collect useful measures to evaluate the efficacy of the training on developing the Compassionate Self.

This data will be used for research purposes and will be maintained anonymous and strictly confidential.

Participants who are interested will be sent the results of the study,



What we will learn during the Training


Get to know and accept the complexity of our tricky brain


Get to know our three systems of emotional regulation and understand how they play out in our lives


Compassion-Focused Mindfulness – how to develop a compassionate attention and presence


Learning the difference between safety and safeness - cultivating safeness within our body


The first flow of compassion: receiving Compassion from others


Getting to know our Compassionate Self 


The second flow of compassion: giving Compassion to others


Getting to know and working with our Multiple Selves


Establishing a compassionate dialogue with the self-critic


Shame, Guilt and cultivating Forgiveness


Compassionate Assertiveness– how to listen to one's needs, express them, welcome other's needs and requests and say NO when necessary


Building our future through compassionate choice of our values - the Best Future Self practice


Book Now

Price of the training: 450 Euros

SLIDING SCALE options available, please contact us through email ( if you cannot sustain the full cost of the training.

The practices will be recorded and remain available to participants for a limited time.

Maximum number of participants: 25

To reserve your place, please fill out the form below:


Want to know more about it?
Check out this brief video!

Meet your trainer

Nicola Petrocchi


Nicola Petrocchi, psychologist and psychotherapist trained at APC-SPC, holds a doctorate in Psychology and Social Neurosciences at La Sapienza University and a visiting scholarship at Boston University where he carried out an experimental study on Loving Kindness Meditation with depressed patients.

After more than 8 years of collaboration and continuous training with Paul Gilbert (creator of CFT), he founded Compassionate Mind Italia, the only Italian association recognised by the English foundation (Compassionate Mind UK) for the diffusion, research and training in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). Nicola is trainer supervisor of CFT both in Italian and international contexts (England, United States, Spain, Belgium, Slovakia), translator and editor of Paul Gilbert's book Compassion Focused Therapy, distinctive features, published by Franco Angeli; he collaborates with Paul Gilbert in conducting training courses in Italy and England, and in numerous research projects investigating the heart rate variability (HRV) as a physiological index of the activation of compassion.


He is the author of numerous articles and chapters in the international arena and together with Paul Gilbert author of the first official 12-module group CFT manual currently validated in USA, Australia and Germany. 

with the loving help of Beatrice Baldi


Beatrice Baldi is a 500H RYT certified Yoga Teacher with a specialization in Yoga Therapy (she deals in particular with Yoga for Eating and Body Image issues), Level I Trainer in Compassion Focused Therapy, certified in Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness.

Beatrice Baldi has a Master Degree in Agricultural Economics and is now studying to become a Psychologist.

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